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Who are we?

InfoNotary PLC is a qualified trust service provider in accordance with the European Regulation on eIDAS.

InfoNotary as commercial company is registered in the Commercial Register at Registry Agency with UIC 131276827 and since its establishment in 2004, specializes in building trust in the online environment through:

  • secure creation, management, validation and storage of qualified certificates for: electronic signature and electronic stamp, electronic time stamp and website authentication;
  • design and integration of trustworthy and secure solutions for digitization of business processes for exchange and signing of electronic documents, verification of electronic identity and protection of data, transactions and applications.

Our leading principles and values in our daily activities have always been always: security and trust, partnership and support, responsibility and care for customers, traditions and innovations.

Why InfoNotary?

  • Our products and services ensure the security and confidentiality of information, trustworth electronic identification of users and the legal value of electronic documents.
  • InfoNotary is a partner with leading manufacturers of high-assurance cryptographic hardware solutions, which allows us to offer a simply, convenient and secure way to manage and protect digital identities, transactions, applications and sensitive data.
  • Highly proficient and experienced team that offers effective and customized solutions according to your specific needs.
  • Our products, services and their provisioning are certified against to ISO / IEC 9001: 2008, ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 and the European Regulation on eIDAS.


InfoNotary as a qualified trust service provider, providing qualified trust services in compliance with eIDAS regulation is included it in the European trusted list by the Communications Regulation Commission (Bulgarian Supervisory Authority)

Our products, services and their provisioning are certified against to  ISO/IEC 9001: 2008, ISO/IEC 27001: 2013.