Hardware Security
Modules (HSM)

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What are HSMs used for?

Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) are a dedicated physical devices, which ensures highest level of security and protection of transactions, identities, and applications by providing a tamper-resistant and tamper-evident environment for secure cryptographic processing, generation, protection and management of crypto key, electronic signature creation, electronic identity, data encryption and decryption for a wide range of applications and solutions (Blockchain, GDPR, IoT, DNSSEC, PCI DSS, etc.)

For whom?

Business and government organizations.

To control and manage risk in information systems and protect the confidentiality of digital information.

Why InfoNotary?

InfoNotary's partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers of high-assurance hardware as Thales e-Security, Entrust, USA and Utimaco, Germany, as well as the qualifications of our system engineers, enable us to offer users a simple, convenient and secure way to manage and protect digital identities, transactions, applications and sensitive data.

The hardware security modules offered by InfoNotary meet the requirements of European and Bulgarian legislation and are individually certified for high level security and reliability according to FIPS 140-2, ELA2, ELA3 and ELA4+.

Reduce risk and create a competitive advantage by using our HSM offerings.

Thales e-Security HSMs