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for Natural Persond

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What is a Qualified electronic signature?

  • Е-signature elements
  • A qualified certificate
    Issued by a qualified trust service provider and contains the data of the signing natural person (Holder), as well as data on the issuer and period of validity.

    A cryptographic device
    Smart card - the qualified certificate is stored on it together with the public and private keys. The access to the recorded information and the creation of the e-signature is done by using a PIN known only to the Holder.

  • Holder
  • Natural person or natural person representing a legal person

  • Purpose
  • Authenticates the identity of the signer, indicates their agreement with the content of the electronic document and protects the integrity of the document.

  • Legal value
  • Equivalent to a handwritten signature before all counterparties

  • Where to use
  • Use of e-services and exchange of documents with the administrationNRA, NSSI, Registry Agency, Secure electronic delivery system, NHIF, Registration in Labour Offices, e-Criminal Record, Ministry of Interior, Portal of e-services, ASA, MoEW, Customs, Municipal Administrations etc.

    Online banking – an e-signature gives you access to the information systems of different banks.

    Secure information exchange - signing contracts, invoices, encrypting e-mail correspondence, implementation of paperless processes, etc.

    Get the complete Infonotary Qualified Signature Package which includes - qualified certificate, smart card, reader, smart card management software, signing software and TimeStamp package.

    Issuance of a new certificate

    1 year validity – 66 BGN with VAT

    3 years validity – 96 BGN with VAT

    Renewal of a certificate

    1 year validity – 18 BGN with VAT

    3 years validity – not supported

    Request issue and renewal

    Customer portal

    • Valid ID
    • Notarized power of attorney, in case you authorize another person to represent you before Infonotary

      Sample power of attorney

    • Notarized Request for issuance of a qualified electronic signature certificate to a natural person.