InfoNotary Sign Service

Save time when signing multiple
electronic documents or transactions
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What is InfoNotary Sign Server?

INSS – InfoNotary Sign Service is a specialized InfoNotary solution for automated single or group electronic signing or sealing of multiple digital data and electronic documents with a qualified electronic signature/seal, request and receipt of qualified electronic time stamps and validation of electronically signed documents, electronic signatures and certificates.

INSS is a recipe for success in streamlining and automating enterprise document and data management processes with the guarantee of their integrity and authenticity, saving resources and time.

How does the InfoNotary Sign Server work?

INSS offers automation of your document signing/sealing process through a quick integration of your choice:

  • INSS Box - a physical server integrated into your infrastructure.
  • INSS Virtual - a virtual server in your infrastructure
  • INSS Web - a web service supported within your InfoNotary infrastructure

Main functions

Automated signing/sealing or validation

INSS supports automatic group/individual signing, sealing or validation of documents at the start of service or of documents in predefined directories. Support for different signing profiles.

Signing/stamping of different document formats

Creation of electronic signatures/seals in various formats in accordance with the requirements of Regulation (EU) 910/2014 and the formats defined in the international standards ETSI EN 319 122, 132, 142. Group/single signing of electronic documents according to defined signing guidelines. Creation of electronic time confirmation requests for a signed document. Ability to manage signing policies for specific users or files.

Confidentiality of information

The service guarantees the integrity and confidentiality of signed documents, preventing their recovery outside the customer's infrastructure.

Network management

Secure web interface, secure remote administration and management including file/directory setup and definition, signing schemes, validation method, CSP certificate settings, etc.

Security, scalability and support

Service maintenance by certified specialists; troubleshooting. Performance upgrades as needed.


Reduce costs

The integration of the solution requires no investment costs and its use reduces paper, printing, packaging and transport costs.

Save time and optimize workflow

Significantly reduces the time required to process, store, and exchange documents with a guarantee of documentation accuracy and security. Build or upgrade electronic document exchange systems and increase communication efficiency.

Security, authenticity and legitimacy

Robust encryption algorithms provide reliable protection of document origin, authenticity and integrity. The legal validity of a qualified electronic signature is equivalent to a handwritten signature.