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What is a PSD2 certificate?

Qualified PSD2 certificates are issued in compliance with the provisions of DIRECTIVE (EU) 2015/2366 (PSD2 Directive) and in accordance with the requirements of Regulation (EU) 910/2014. PSD2 certificates are targeted at banks, payment service providers, Fintech companies operating as payment service providers and licensed e-money companies.

InfoNotary Qualified PSD2 WA Certificate

Certifies the authenticity of the website that is included in the certificate. Ensures that a secure HTTPS channel is used and that the information displayed is correct and the transmitted data is protected.

Issue of a certificate

1 year - 265 BGN incl. VAT

InfoNotary Qualified Legal Person Seal for PSD2

It is used to identify the Payment Service Provider to Internet applications, when performing financial transactions, secure and encrypted communication, electronic correspondence, sealing electronic documents and performing activities to ensure the integrity and origin of the integrity of sealed electronic data and information.

Issue of a certificate

1 year - 156 BGN incl. VAT

InfoNotary Qualified Certificate for PSD2 AESeal

The certificate is issued by a qualified trust service provider, but the seal creation device is the choice of the legal person and the later is fully responsible for the security and reliability of that device. It is intended for banks and payment service providers only.

Issue of a certificate

1 year - 120 BGN incl. VAT

  • Certificate of entry in the BNB Register of Payment Institutions
  • Proof of domain ownership (copy of contract or invoice)

Depending on the legal form of registration of the organization or commercial company, in certain cases it may be required to submit other documents, such as a certificate of incorporation, a certificate of current status issued not earlier than 1 month from the date of submission, etc.

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